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Our ideal mug for the departure of a colleague

Your personalized mug with quotedazur

To successfully design your personalized and resistant ceramic mug, trust quotedazur. From the mug already printed in stock to the ceramic mug to be personalized according to your wishes, here everything is possible!

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The personalized ceramic mug, the ideal gift for everyone

Whether your customizable ceramic mug is for dad, mom, grandparents or a geek friend, you're bound to find the mug model you need. On the occasion of Father's Day and Mother's Day , the personalized ceramic mug is simply a perfect idea.

Opt for an original mug in stock "At home, it's dad who orders when mum is not there" to relax the whole family and fill this dad who loves you so much with joy, on the occasion of the Fathers. And for Mother's Day, a simple "Mother-night light" will be a very nice touch.

The customizable ceramic mug allows you to make a gift at a low price . In short, this type of mug is the ideal simple and yet sought-after little gift! And that's good... we have plenty in stock!

Is your brother's birthday coming up and he's a sports fan? You will find the perfect ceramic mug model! A mug like "I can't, I have Basket Ball" will be the top of the nice little gift, for example. Add some personal details to your mug if you wish, and you're done!

Is your little sister a die-hard unicorn fan? You will find her the perfect personalized ceramic mug to motivate her to have her breakfast... A model "I can't, I have an appointment with my unicorn" will please her for sure!

You can also choose to offer a set of several personalized mugs , for a complete and humorous gift!

From the printed mug to the humorous mug to personalize

At quotedazur, you will find in our stock mugs already printed in our workshop . You can thus make a quick choice adapted to the event and the person who will receive your small gift printed in our workshop. A ceramic mug as resistant as it is irresistible!

We have already seen above original and humorous examples of mugs in stock already personalized to make a unique gift. However, you can also choose to personalize your ceramic mug yourself as you see fit, with a printed first name or a photo for example.

Rest assured, each mug is printed with great care in our workshop, so that your dishes do not deteriorate over time (daily tasting of coffee, going through the dishwasher or microwave, etc.).

It is thus possible to opt for a model of mug in stock, and to personalize it with a photo, a drawing or text . For example, the text printed on one side and the baby's photo on the other, if the gift is intended to announce a birth to grandpa and grandma. Because, when children are born, the news often tends to be announced in a simple way. Still, there are so many ways to say that this cute little heart is about to burst into mom and dad's lives soon!

You can also choose to create a mug from scratch with your own details. Choose your patterns, your text, your images, your photos, a first name... In short, anything you like to put on your original cup! Choose the shapes, sizes and design in detail, our shop takes care of the rest.

Here are some examples of ceramic mugs printed at low prices and in stock in your shop, to give you an idea (it's up to you if you want to add details): "Soon mom, please wait" mug "Certified best mom of the world" Mug "Happy Birthday Dad" Mug "This guy is a great husband" Mug "Either I'm right or you're wrong" Mug

What material are our personalized ceramic mugs made of?

Each low-cost customizable mug is made of ceramic and very resistant. This material supports without any difficulty the dishwasher and the microwave oven. This way, you won't risk seeing your ceramic mug get damaged, or burn yourself on the handle as soon as you take the mug out of the microwave.

Our online shop for the purchase of personalized mugs made in France thus ensures that you are buying a quality finished product down to the smallest detail , which will go straight to the heart of dad, mom or any other person.

The original mug projects soon exclusively in your shop!

Always concerned to offer you a complete offer, our online store of personalized ceramic mugs intends to develop its flagship product: the mug! Enamel mugs, travel mugs, isothermal mugs, and even magic mugs (heat-reactive) … Soon find exclusive mugs that are even more original, always full of humour, with the ideal capacity, and at an always affordable price! Our stock of ideas is inexhaustible…

For a birthday, dad's party (“Super dad!” or “Certified Super dad” printed mug in the spotlight!), mom's birthday (“Best mom in the world” printed mug), or to offer your boss a customizable mug "I am a wonderful pharmacist", you will find any type of printed mug!

Our workshop takes care of everything, all you have to do is find your gifts at a low price.

quotedazur, the personalized mug workshop at a low price in a few words

Our online store is certainly specialized in personalized mugs. But who are we really?

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Who is quotedazur, the humorous printed mug shop

Our young shop has been based in Belleville (Paris) since 2020. It has equipped itself with a craft workshop specializing in the printing on demand of customizable mugs and cups.

Our watchword? An eco-responsible production, managed by Thomas, the conductor who believes in these original gifts at low prices. A simple and humorous gesture , which is one of those little details that make our lives shine every morning, if only in front of a coffee.

It is Thomas who gives his opinion on the next creations, who takes care of the logos, the details to be affixed to the printed mugs, the shipping and the customer service. His goal ? To offer you a quality and resistant finished product... A humorous ceramic mug which is microwave and dishwasher safe and which will fit perfectly into your set of cups when dad, mom and the whole family are getting ready to spend at coffee and breakfast.

In short, a shop of mugs on a human scale, available, where humor is at the heart of concerns.

When will I receive my personalized ceramic mug purchase?

Each custom mug order is processed on-demand, based on the details you provide to us at checkout. It is therefore necessary to count, from the order, 1 to 4 working days for the preparation of your cup order .

So, if the ceramic mug is for your mom or dad, or for any other person who is dear to you, plan for this short delay to be sure to offer your gift on time.

If the basic and already printed ceramic mug models are already in stock, this is not the case for all products for purchase. Each mug on which you add your endearing details will require special attention. All this for an always ridiculous price!

We take into account all the necessary details of each ceramic mug : printed text and photo, mention "Dad is the strongest", "Mom you make my heart beat" or even "Mom, you are the most beautiful of all. flowers", we will treat each humorous mug according to your wishes : from the dimensions of the text and photos, to the colors and the designs, all the details count to obtain a unique mug for the perfect gift.

Once the ceramic mugs have been printed and packed, you will receive an email notifying you of the departure of your mug order.

An optimal mug delivery service

Each package of printed mugs is shipped by our shop from France, and the day after your order. It is sent to you by Colissimo, for reception within 48 to 72 hours.

Each package is reinforced, in order to provide each ceramic mug with special care, and to avoid breakage during transport.

Finally, we offer a one-time delivery charge of €5.99 in France.

Do you need to return your personalized ceramic mug to us?

You can get a refund or exchange your printed ceramic mugs within 15 days.

To do this, we invite you to carefully re-pack the mug, then return it to us at the address given in our mug refund policy .

quotedazur customer service

Do you have a question about the feasibility of ordering mugs? Want to know how quickly we can complete a large order? For any question relating to the personalization of your ceramic mug order, our shop is available 7 days a week by e-mail on quotedazur@gmail.com

Do not rush to a comparator of perfect gifts or gifts at low prices! The personalized ceramic mug undoubtedly falls into this category. The humorous ceramic mug is indeed the must-have printed gift that we love! It differs from the traditional cotton t-shirt, to humorously bring a touch of pep to your classic crockery set! For dad, for mum, with photo, with a heart, a first name and all the other details you like in variable sizes, the printed ceramic mug will make you happy! Our workshop offers an à la carte service for all your personalized gift needs.