humor mugs

What gift will I be able to give to dad, mum, grandpa or grandma next Christmas or for their next birthday? A question that comes up often, as the ideas for original gifts are already exhausted!

And if you opt this year for the personalized and humorous ceramic bowl or mug as a gift? A nice, funny, original idea, which will become the star of the kitchen... and which will be useful! And drinking your first morning coffee in a personalized and fun mug , there's nothing like a good start to the day!

So, for your next gift ideas, consider the personalized ceramic mug and you will be happy. Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday, Christmas, so many opportunities to make gifts based on humor and sharing. Better than the humor t-shirt, we have named: the personalized mug!

The personalized ceramic mug: for whom?

For who ? But for everyone, of course! Who wouldn't be happy to enjoy coffee, tea or chocolate in a mug as original as it is fun ?

A personalized mug for mom or dad

This low-cost gift idea can be offered by a child (with the help of mom or dad), or by an adult wishing to please with humor and originality with a nice cup.

  • Personalized mug "The best mom in the world", to thank this unique woman who gives you so much love (whether you are a child or an adult!).
  • Funny job mug for a dad "It's complicated to be a great dad and a driver at the same time, but it's ok, I manage".

So many cool gift ideas for Father's Day or Mother's Day, or even for an original Christmas present or birthday and placed under the sign of humor .

A personalized ceramic mug for grandparents

Our grandpas, our grannies and even great-grandpas or grannies have already had the full range of gifts that exist! So, opt for an original mug that will make them happy when they don't have you close to their hearts :

  • "World's Best Great Grandpa" ceramic mug (or "World's Best Great Grandmother", in two-tone pink and black mode).
  • "The best grandpa" ceramic mug.
  • Original and fun two-tone mug "I'm not old, I'm vintage" (also a great mug idea for a birthday at any age!).

Personalized mugs with humor… a great gift for everyone!

Here is a mix of gift ideas that can suit everyone, and at a low price. It's all about personality and character! We reveal a small copy of our collection of humor mugs :

  • Personalized two-tone white ceramic mug "I'm not always right, I'm just never wrong".
  • Two-tone black and pink personalized white mug "I can't, I'm a princess".
  • Personalized mug "I'm not messy, I cultivate the art of leaving it lying around".

The personalized ceramic mug can also be declined with colors and texts that are even more laughable. Does your mom or daughter love unicorns? Make her laugh with a mug with pink and black text, as well as a photo of a unicorn: " I'm a unicorn princess, I eat roses, pop glitter, I burp stickers". Laughter guaranteed!

A funny cup personalized according to its origin, for a humorous gift

Our origins, we are proud of them! So why not use it to create a nice original gift? This is the kind of product that is successful, so much the little personalized touch and the thought that you will have had for this person will please.

We think for example of a ceramic mug which is successful among our products: the mug “All men are born equal, but the best are Alsatians”.

A personalized mug according to a trade

More than the pleasure of enjoying a coffee in a good mood in the morning... Treat yourself with a business mug that will be taken to the recipient's workplace . This kind of ceramic mug can be offered to a dad, a mom, a friend, but can also be offered at the workplace itself.

  • The personalized mug with the two-tone text (black and red) "I am a super secretary" can for example be offered by a boss to his secretary on the occasion of his birthday or Christmas. A good idea to please by raising the morale of the troops!
  • A personalized mug with a black text "I'm a super mechanic" can be offered by a customer to his super mechanic to thank him for saving his car...

Our range of personalized mugs

Each mug is available in white with assorted color or colors depending on which mug you will be making for your gift. A personalized enamel mug is also available, an even more original idea.

Do you want your personalized mug to be as funny as it is nice? What if you opted for a unique product? The insulated mug to personalize, the magic cup to personalize also in color, text and photo...

So many gift ideas that will delight everyone for a birthday, Christmas, Father's Day or Mother's Day.

Price and delivery of our ceramic mugs

Our mugs web shop has nothing to hide: a fair price, for assured quality!

Low prices, high quality

Each white and personalized color mug is offered at the price of 15.99 eur . A price that includes the basic white mug and its color or photo customization by our shop.

Each mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Delivery costs can sometimes be free, or offered at 3.99 eur on your web mug store.

The delivery of our personalized mugs

All our mugs are made by our web shop the day after your purchase, and delivery is guaranteed within 48 to 72 hours . Each personalized mug is the subject of special care, in a reinforced box, to protect your product during its delivery.

Our shop is of course available for any question relating to your purchase, the mug of your choice, its colors, its text, its delivery, etc.

So, ready to offer a humorous gift, more original than a humorous t-shirt, a crystal bowl or a set of porcelain plates? Dig into our collection of low-cost gift products based on humor : a personalized mug with black, pink, two-tone or other text, to brighten up any family celebration! All you have to do is take a nice picture of all this little world gathered around the best gifts of the year.

So, what's your opinion ? Which ceramic mug will please the person for whom you are giving this humorous gift the most?