godmother mugs

A godfather or godmother is often symbolic, yet in France we are very attached to it. Godmother is the one who showers you with gifts, kisses, love and who sometimes lets you do things behind mum and dad's bedtime.

So, for her birthday, Christmas or party, we can make her happy with a pretty personalized ceramic mug with a color text on the godmothers, a first name, or a photo. An original gift at an ideal low price! The personalized mug is the colorful and original gift idea. Exit the list of overused gifts: the little bag she won't dare carry, the banal book and the useless music box... Leave room for the useful and nice gift instead!

The godmother mug is also the occasion for a special announcement: you would like her to be your child's godmother for his or her future birth. Let's see together the best occasions to offer a godmother mug and how to personalize your ceramic mug to make it a really special product.

Who can offer a personalized godmother mug and when?

Dad, mom, child, godfather, everyone can offer a ceramic mug to please a godmother!

A ceramic mug offered by a child for a birthday or a party

Does your child love his godmother and would like to give her a nice gift? In these cases, we will not look among the list of gifts at exorbitant prices, so as not to drastically reduce your child's small savings.

The personalized or customizable mug at a low price is the perfect gift! On the occasion of the feast of his godmother, his birthday or Christmas, your child will be able to fill his beloved godmother with joy.

A personalized godfather or godmother mug for a birth or a baptism

We see you coming… Normally, the parents rarely offer anything to the godmother or the godfather. Rather, it is the latter who shower the children with gifts. Yes, but ! Your baby is coming in a few months, and you would like to ask your sister, a friend or a cousin to be the godmother of your future child at the time of this announcement.

Forget the traditional "How would you like to be my baby's godmother?" ". Make your announcement by giving her a small gift, such as a personalized white mug with a “Coming soon godmother, please wait” style punchline.

She will understand right away and will have stars in her eyes every time she takes a little coffee!

Another good idea is to personalize a mug to offer at the child's baptism .

What type of personalized mug to give to a godmother?

Now the question arises of the perfect mug, to offer at the right time.

The godmother mug already personalized

Our shop of personalized ceramic mugs has prepared for you, in its workshops located in France, models of mugs with decoration with original punchlines for a godmother.

Each white mug thus receives a colored phrase (red, pink, black, yellow, green, etc.), depending on the gift you want to give.

For example, your child could offer his godmother on the occasion of his birthday, Christmas or a holiday this type of personalized mug as a gift:

  • Personalized mug "The perfect godmother".
  • Personalized mug "Elected godmother of the year"
  • Personalized mug "Certified best godmother in the world".
  • Personalized mug “I am a super godmother”.

So many gift ideas that will delight her, on D-Day and with each coffee tasted !

The customizable ceramic mug: how does it work?

Would you like to personalize your mug yourself? Never mind, our personalized mugs online store offers you various options.

The godmother mug with punchline and first name

If you want to add your personal touch, opt for the customizable ceramic mug "I am the best godmother on earth, it's *first name" who says it.

By adding your child's first name, the gift becomes even more symbolic . It will be a pure moment of happiness in front of each cup of coffee, tea or chocolate, at any time of the day!

The 100% customizable godmother mug

Do you want to create your own customizable mug ? On our shop of personalized and customizable mugs, it's also possible!

  • You choose our blank white mug,
  • You pick from your photos and you find the perfect text idea to print in color on the personalize mug,
  • You select your text color and the photo of your choice , according to your desires,
  • All that remains is to tell us all this, place an order for your product, and wait for the delivery of this lovely personalized gift!

Original mugs to personalize

What if your gift desires pushed you towards even more original mugs? Enamel mug, magic mug whose text and photos appear when the hot coffee is poured, personalized insulated mug in the colors and photos of your choice, the choice is vast to please!

The quality of our personalized mugs

All of our mugs are ceramic. On a white background, a text is written, as well as a photo and a first name added according to your wishes.

The resistance of our mugs allows them to pass without problem in the microwave and the dishwasher .

Your logo, photo or text (in color: pink, black, red, green, etc.) can be printed on both sides of the ceramic mug.

Quality is also found in the delivery of your personalized mugs

Each godmother cup or mug bearing any other text will be carefully packaged in a reinforced box . Thus, your godmother will receive her gift at a low price without damage... and as soon as possible.

Our mug preparation and delivery times

Each personalized mug is prepared and shipped the day after the order. Count 48 to 72 hours for us to deliver this gift that you plan to give to your child's future godmother, or to the one who is already his beloved godmother!

Our personalized mugs are offered at 15.99 eur, with a delivery charge of 3.99 eur.

It's up to you, give free rein to your desires! To touch the heart of this dear godmother and see stars in her eyes, give her THE gift at a low price that will make her smile over her coffee day after day . Accompanied by a pretty card, your personalized mug will be an idea that will stand out.

A godfather and a godmother, it's special! So, in the same way that you would please a mom on Mother's Day, stand out with an original gift idea. For a birthday, Christmas, a party, the announcement of a birth or for a baptism, it is our opinion that the customizable cup will be really perfect! Whatever the date chosen, our products adapt to your desires: personalized mug with colors of your choice, photo, decoration imagined according to your desires , let your imagination run wild! His cravings for coffee will be crowned with a moment of pure pleasure.