Mugs for a super mom

A mom is the one who has always taken care of us. If his tenderness and his little attentions have punctuated your daily life, nothing is more normal than finding a great gift idea to please him! This original and inexpensive gift, which will go straight to the heart of your dear mother, is the personalized mug . The personalization of your ceramic mug can be complete or based only on the addition of a first name on an existing personalized mug.

There is no shortage of gift ideas to create the perfect ceramic mug for your mother. Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas... or simply to tell her that you love her, the mug will fulfill its role as the ideal little gift !

The different types of personalized mugs from Ceramike

On our online store of personalized mugs, there is no shortage of choices to create the perfect mug for any occasion (Mother's Day, birthday, proof of love, birth of a child or even Christmas).

The original ceramic mug for his mom

Running out of time or inspiration to create a truly unique mug? You can choose a mug created in our workshop and bearing an original punchline :

  • "This is what the best mom in the world looks like" mug.
  • Mug "Mother-watchman".
  • Mom of the Year Mug.

The choice is even wider, to offer you original mugs for your mom, ordered in one click , with express delivery!

The customizable ceramic mug

Do you like our punchlines? You can also choose a model of mug already printed and personalized with a sentence, and on which you can add your first name and/or a photo .

If, for example, you opt for a ceramic mug printed "I'm the best mom on earth", you can add at the end: "it's *first name* who says so". A great way for a child to offer a little attention to his mother, for example for Mother's Day.

The 100% personalized ceramic mug

Are you full of gift ideas? So let go! Opt for a white ceramic mug, devoid of text, colors or designs. You are the artist!

You can have the text of your choice printed on the white mug, in the dimensions of your choice. The color of the text printed on the personalized mug can also be chosen from a wide range of colors. The same goes for the font, which will bring an incomparable design to your beautiful creation of 100% customizable mug .

Finally, you can finish with the addition of a photo of your choice.

When to offer a personalized mug to your mom?

Today, tomorrow, for a special occasion or just to make a gift worthy of your love , all occasions are good! The mug is a gift idea at a very low price, which therefore allows you to please your darling mother whenever you want.

A mug for Mother's Day

There is no better occasion to please than on Mother's Day. This day is dedicated to these little gifts that seem nothing, but go straight to the heart of the best mom of the year! The children will create with dad the perfect personalized cup, with their first name and a photo, to fill their mom with joy on the occasion of Mother's Day, with a gift that comes from the heart.

And to do this, nothing like a personalized ceramic mug. Mom will think of her children every morning while drinking her coffee in her kitchen, through a nice text, a humorous mug or the photo you have had printed. A small example of a personalized gift? "With you, it's Holy Mum every day!" ".

A mug for her mom's birthday

Your mother's birthday is coming, but you still have to find good gift ideas. And of course, like every year, your mother must have told you that she didn't need anything.

So, a little attention will be perfect: a personalized ceramic mug, to celebrate this day with a nice little gift, without overdoing it! It is our opinion that in the end, she will appreciate every day, in front of her coffee or her tea, this little attention that binds you to her.

Want to make it even more original? Our shop will soon offer magic mugs, the text of which is displayed with heat. You can also opt for a customizable insulated mug, travel mug or an enamel mug, to always find more original gift ideas.

A mug for Christmas

Christmas is coming, and with it its share of gift ideas that are not always easy to find!

Follow our opinion: a personalized ceramic mug in the colors of Christmas . Have a simple or humorous text related to the Christmas party printed on your mug, such as "Merry Christmas Dear Mom" ​​or "Kiss Mrs. Claus!" », and search through your photos of a past Christmas, to find a photo of you and your mom during this party.

A mug for a future mother

A “Future mum, please wait” mug or an original cup marked “I can't, I'm going to be a mum” are excellent gift ideas to congratulate a future mum on her pregnancy . This personalized cup with text and photo can come from the dad, or simply from a friend, who is delighted with the arrival of this child.

Announce to mom that she is becoming a grandma with a nice personalized mug

Are you going to have a baby? Make the announcement to your mom in an original way. A mug 100% customizable by you can for example be printed with a friendly "Do you like being a grandma?" » or a « Granny in 6 months, 15 days, 12 hours and 4 minutes… » Will simply be perfect gifts!

How are the design and delivery of my personalized mugs organized?

Our personalized mugs are treated with care in our workshop in France. The ceramic mugs can be printed on both sides and benefit from an anti-UV and anti-scratch print. Each product is dishwasher and microwave safe .

The mug for your mom will be printed the day after your order, and delivery made in the days that follow, in a reinforced box.

Our shop remains available if you have a question about your personalized mug, our deadlines or any other question about the product of your choice.

The ceramic mug is undoubtedly the best gift for sipping your coffee with a smile day after day!