geeky mugs

Do you have an unbeatable geek in your entourage? A great idea would be to offer him an original gift related to his passion. And to change from the usual gifts, while benefiting from a small price, the personalized mug with an original text or a photo is an ideal gift !

So, to increase the list of geek gifts for the person to whom you intend your personalized ceramic mug, go beyond the classic gift with a truly original and humorous mug. It will be a smart purchase, at a low price, and adapted to the person who will receive it.

The personalized geek mug, an original gift idea

The geek mug will be the one who manages to pull its recipient out of bed! Promise of a good coffee under the sign of humour , this personalized cup will wake up any geek with a good mood!

A geek is a true enthusiast… So your personalized gift mug should be just as much! Opt for a photo or a drawing of his favorite character (Star Wars, superheroes, video game character, there's something for everyone!), choose the color of the writing (pink, black, blue, green , the choice of colors is wide), and create the unique and original gift that will bring a smile to its recipient from the first coffee .

Armed with their most beautiful Batman t-shirt, men or women will love to combine everything with a personalized mug in the colors of their favorite superhero.

Who to give a personalized geek mug to?

If you are told "to a geek", are we good?!

The personalized geek mug is just perfect for anyone: a child who loves a cartoon or movie character, a teenager who already has strong tastes, or an adult who has made the word "geek" into an art to live !

With these mugs that have a great penchant for humor, your personalized and original gift is bound to please... and wake up this little world with a great mood at the first coffee.

Because a good coffee must be drunk in a cup worthy of the name, personalizing it with the colors and the image of a key character in the geek world is the best idea there is.

When to offer a geek personalized ceramic mug?

A birthday is a golden opportunity to offer a personalized ceramic mug . For a child's birthday, the cup to personalize can be a gift idea suggested by the dad or the mom, from another child.

For a teenager, it will be on the occasion of a birthday, a simple party, or simply to give a smile to this teenager who seems at all costs to want to live in his bubble. And speaking of bubbles, if he's a fan of comics, why not request the printing of an original text in a bubble, in "comic book mode", accompanied by a photo or a motif of the heroes in question? ?

An adult can receive this type of personalized mugs for a birthday, Christmas, or even Father's Day or Mother's Day . So many perfect occasions for a gift idea at a low price that is sure to please! Whether he saves it for his morning coffee or for the office coffee break, his personalized mug will put a smile on his face every time.

What type of personalized mugs will you find on our online store?

Two options are already available to you: the mug with a punchline already written, or a white ceramic mug to be fully personalized .

Our personalized mugs web store will also soon offer you the enamel mug to personalize, the personalized travel mug, as well as the insulated mug. Do you have a preference for a magic mug? Why not ! The geeky design or text will appear as the coffee, hot chocolate or tea warms the cup.

The cup already personalized

You can opt for an already existing colored text, such as:

  • Ceramic mug "The best geek in the world".
  • Ceramic mug "It's complicated to be a super dad and a geek at the same time but it's ok, I manage".

Fast delivery guaranteed for your mug, in stock, already personalized in color! Among the various gifts that will be offered that day, your personalized mug will be one of the highlights !

The white mug to personalize yourself, the perfect idea

So there… Let go! This is the watchword! The mug is white, free of any text or photo, and you become the creator of the personalized ceramic mug that will completely adapt to its recipient. From the color to the photos, through the pattern, your customizable object will have a unique design .

Do you want to print a text and a photo on it? Never mind ! Our workshop, located in France, takes care of everything, the day after your order of products. Add a name to your personalized mug , and your gift will be even more perfect!

Is the person who will receive your original gift a Star Wars fan and not a morning person?

Opt for a personalized mug on which you will print a photo of Yoda sleeping, and add a bright text, in pink or green for example, saying "I am not in the morning". Laughter guaranteed, and a much nicer little coffee in perspective!

A magic mug, enamelled, or just white, with a photo of a Stormtrooper, Mario, Superman or even Harry Potter: so many gift ideas that will be ideal, accompanied by an original text and based on humor .

You can also just take a photo of a talking cat or dog, with a text bubble above them: a cat that says "My master is a geeky master" (same if the recipient has rather a dog).

Delivery and price of our personalized or personalized mugs

Your personalized mug order is taken care of the day after your purchase and payment, for fast delivery. Thus, even a mug ordered at the last moment for an urgent gift can be received as soon as possible, thanks to our serious delivery service.

The party will not be ruined by a missing gift, and the gift in question will also put a smile on your friend, your dad, mom or any other person for whom you intend the personalized ceramic mug.

Our products are then delivered within 48 to 72 hours , in reinforced packaging.

On the price side, our personalized mugs are at 17.99 eur. The customizable cup is also offered at 17.99 eur , with delivery sometimes offered, sometimes at 3.99 eur.

So, for the next Father's Day, Mother's Day, birthday or to enhance Santa's list, get out of the classic gift, to offer a more original gift, the bestseller of gifts! The personalized designer ceramic mug is an idea that will be perfect for men, women, or the youngest. It's very simple: it speaks for itself and in our opinion, it will appeal to its fair value among the list of other gifts offered that day.