Our mugs for an awesome granny

Giving a woman a gift seems like an easy task. However, when the years have seen tons of gifts of all kinds, it's hard to know what to give to your grandmother. This exceptional woman nevertheless deserves beautiful gifts, and it is possible to find some that are original and at a low price!

But then, what gift? One more cushion? A scarf ? A jewelry box? A bag ? How about something more original, whether it's for your grandma's birthday, Grandmother's Day or Christmas? So, we opt for the personalized ceramic mug !

On our online store, personalized mugs are available in different versions and at low prices. From the punchline already printed on a white mug, to the 100% personalized mug, through the mug already printed, but customizable with a first name, there are many options to satisfy your darling granny at a low price!

What personalized ceramic mug to give to her grandma?

The mug is the little gift that pleases everyone, and that will be used for sure! Whether your grandma prefers tea or coffee, the personalized ceramic mug with text or a photo that you give her will make her think of you every time she tastes her favorite drink.

A mug with an existing text

For a quick and original order at the same time, opt for the punchline already printed on a mug. Some examples of original gift ideas?

  • I'm Not Retired, I'm A Full Time Granny Mug
  • Grandma, Wife, Queen, Legend Mug
  • World's Best Grandma Mug

A customizable cup at a low price with a first name

Do you want to add your personal touch to delight your grandma? Opt for a ceramic cup "I am the best granny in the whole world, it's "first name" that says it", by adding your first name if it is for your grandmother, or that of your child if the gift comes from him.

You can even push the personalization further , by opting for a "Happy Grandma's Day" mug, and adding a first name and a photo, for Grandmother's Day for example.

A 100% customizable white ceramic mug for her grandma

Let your imagination and your heart speak, and create a 100% personalized mug at a low price! You choose the text, the photo or photos of your choice, the text dimensions, the font, the colors ... In short, you create the perfect mug, for a unique gift to your grandmother, thought out down to the smallest detail details.

When to offer a personalized mug to your grandmother?

Whether you are an adult looking for a small, simple and touching gift for your grandma, or the mug is offered in the name of a child, it will touch the heart of the grandmother who will receive it.

A mug for Grandmother's Day

Grandmother's Day is not meant to splurge, but to prove your love with a simple and original little gift. The personalized and customizable ceramic mug is then the perfect gift at a low price for Grandmother's Day .

Simple, touching, humorous, personalized with a photo or a first name… make your choice to mark this day with emotion. Your grandma will remember it every day in front of her tea or coffee!

A mug to announce a birth

What could be better than a personalized gift to tell your mom that she's going to be a grandma? A ceramic mug marked "Soon grandma, please wait" will be an excellent idea for announcing an upcoming birth, for example!

A mug for a party

If Grandmother's Day remains a must, the personalized mug can also be offered on the occasion of other holidays, to tell your grandma that you are thinking of her: birthday, Christmas , do not miss an opportunity to please to your mum!

You can also go original with an enamel mug or a travel mug if your grandmother is a backpacker. And if your grandma is still working or going to public places, give her an insulated mug. She will be proud to show off your gift and the photo that may be on it. Want to be original? Opt for a magic mug, reactive to heat!

Why choose a customizable mug for her grandma?

The personalized cup with photo is the real good idea for an original gift that will please all the grannies in the world.

This type of gift will be distinguished by its originality . Gone is the cotton bag that she won't know what to do with, the jewelry that we're not sure she'll like, the checkered apron, when she already has plenty of them, or even the scratch card as poor Last resort gift. This exceptional woman deserves much better than that!

So, the cup to personalize is positioned as an idea as original as it is useful , and which will please you for sure!

Several family members can offer it: yourself if it's your grandmother, but also your children, with the help of mom or dad. Add photos of the children or the whole family, and you're done! We accompany the personalized cup with a nice card signed by the whole family, and in our opinion, all grannies will be delighted to receive such a gift!

Note also that this type of gift allows you to please at a low price . Want to do even better? Offer a cup for each day to your granny: on the occasion of a party, each member of the family offers her little personalized gift, so that she can change her mug every day of the week if she wishes. All mugs will have a different photo or text . Vary the colors too: pink, blue, green, yellow, let's be imaginative and put some sunshine in the lives of our grannies!

All of our personalized products are certified to be of excellent quality. In the kitchen, your customizable mug will be one of the most resistant products, especially in the dishwasher and microwave.

Delivery of your personalized ceramic mug order

Your order of personalized mugs is taken care of the day after your order. Your cups will then be shipped within 48 hours by Colissimo, in a protected and neat package.

Do you have a question about our products, our prices? Want details on how to personalize your mugs with a photo or text, or how to deliver them? Our online store of personalized gifts remains available and at your service . This super woman that is your grandmother deserves it!